Custom Building Your Dream Computer

Building a desktop computer has never been so easy!


Computer’s run our world and shopping for them has become a seasonal event, many manufacturers recommend an upgrade every 2-4 years! This can quickly become very expensive and unnecessary.

Sometimes however, we have no choice and must go computer shopping. The most obvious option may seem to visit a retailer online or to visit the nearest electronics shop. Many stores offer an overwhelming selection and likely a vague description to define it.

While sifting through the exhausting amount of options it can be even more frustrating trying to identify the computer that specifically meets YOUR exact needs. Some of the options we have to ask ourselves first is what is the computer meant for? Is it for gaming? Casual use? Video or picture editing? Business or word processing?

If your looking to upgrade your current system a whole new set of questions need to be asked. Do I need to upgrade my data storage? Do I want to upgrade my hard drive to a solid state drive? Do I need more RAM? Should I add or upgrade my video card?

When searching for a replacement desktop computer, one option that often gets lost is the possibility of purchasing a custom built computer that perfectly meets your needs.

This option may seem out of reach for someone with only a basic understanding of computers, but KTech1 is always here to help!

We can work with you to customize a new desktop computer from the ground up that perfectly and effortlessly matches your exact needs with your budget and day to day use.

When building a custom desktop computer you get to satisfy all your personal preferences including the luxury of matching your artistic eye with the outer visual aesthetics of your computer.

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